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Thank you for checking out our online dog training programs.  These programs are all designed for you to do at home, in your local neighbourhood and to work on your training goals together.

Life is busy for us all.  Finding the time to head to your local obedience classes, or contact a professional trainer is getting harder.  We all have so many things to focus on each day and some times our dogs get left behind, their behaviours end up getting out of control and before we know it our dogs mental state decreases, behaviour decreases and we may possibly start to think about rehoming our dogs.

I'm here to help you.  These programs are designed to help you implement small training sessions in to your dogs life to help improve their behaviour.

I'm based in tropical Darwin, where it's hot and humid for 8 months of the year and perfect for the remainder so I know how weather can affect our lifestyles.  My programs can be done at home, and venture outside when you are ready.

Have a look around to see what I can offer and how I can help you and your dog out. 

Available Products

The Dog Training Hub

Welcome to 'The Dog Training Hub'!  This course is for anyone looking to train their dog.  Step by step we teach you how to train your dog.  From the very basics to training, right through to teaching your dog some amazing tricks.  Whatever you are struggling with, we've got it covered.

Puppy Socialisation

Socialisation for your puppy is the most important thing you can do for them.  Forget teaching them how to play with other puppies and sit, worry about their interaction with the world first.

Toilet Training for puppies

Struggling with teaching your puppy where the appropriate place to toilet is?  This e-book is for you.  We go through our 4 important steps to successfully toilet training your puppy.

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